And don't forget to come watch the puppets!
Drawbridge Puppet Theater
1335 Massachusetts Avenue
Lunenburg, MA  01462
NOTE TO PERFORMERS: Only original compositions or songs in the Public Domain may be played at this venue.
DECEMBER 12, 2015
Talented and versatile Multi-Instrumentalists Jay and Abby Michaels make up the duo The Harper & The Minstrel. Their unique sound is influenced by Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Music. The duo specialize in beautiful airs and ballads from the past.  For the past decade The Harper And The Minstrel have brought their music to many venues in America, including Folk, Renaissance, Medieval, and Celtic Festivals, Coffee Houses and Farmers Markets.

This special Holiday concert will feature Christmas and Winter Music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Periods; accompanied by a variety of Musical Instruments including: The Traditional Gaelic Wire-Strung Harp & the Nylon-Strung Folk Harp, Bowed Psaltery; Alto, Soprano & Tenor Recorders, Silver Flute, Irish Wooden Flute, Penny Whistles, Bowed Dulcimer, Classical Guitar and the vocals
of Abby & Jay Michaels.
December 12, 2015
7:30 to 9:00 PM
Ticket price: $10.00
An Early Music Holiday Concert